4 Channel PCM Input Card 27 Март 2015, 12:47
The CTM-1104 series PCM input module conditions up to four independent asynchronousPCM data streams for input toa PC over the PCI bus. Each input channel features independently-selectable bit rates. Modules may be configured to accept TTL or RS-422 signal levels. Each channel consists of a data input and a clock input. Each channel has two inupt ports: one is wired for external input and one may be wired to an optional internal bit-sync. The active input port is selected via the setup and control software. The input data is not frame-synchronized. Loss of data or clock on any channel has no effect on any other channel. Each channel provides loss-of-clock, loss-of-data and data overrun status to the PC.


● Four independent input channels on a single board
● Each channel independently accepts NRZ or RNRZ data
● Independently programmable data rates for each channel
● Loss-of-clock, loss-of-data and data overrun status for each channel
● CTM-4102 series PCM output modules reconstruct PCM input signals